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    Cultural and historycal attractions in Bol, Brac island - Croatia

      Dominican monastery in Bol, Brac
    Dragon's cave, monastery at Blace hermitage and Dominican monastery at Bol are few of the most interesting historycal locations definetly worth a visit.
    Monastery and church in Bol are built AD 1475., but there is a mention of bishop's palace at that location dated 1180 - when it hosted local Brac council led by prince.
    Monastery today has unique botanical garden and museum with important historycal artefacts and baroque paintings.


    History of Bol and Brac island

    Church - part of Blaca hermitage location  
    First mention of Bol in written documents originates from 12th century.
    Among first inhabitants of Bol were Iliryians and Romans.
    Trough it's history, Brac was ruled Romans, Venetia and Croatian - Hungarian monarchy. Rulers changed without major local historyc events, along with change of government in the region, but although uneventful, each rulership left legacy in form of different historycal monuments.

    Traditional ways of living in Brac - before tourism

      Sheeps and lambs - traditional economy on Brac

    Trough the history, main occupation of Brac inhabitants was cattling. Even today, you will enjoy the taste of traditional specialty - lamb.
    Few centuries after arrival of Croatians on Brac started the development of agriculture and fishing. You can also feel the spirit of the real Mediterannean with the glass of one of the best sorts of red wine in this part of the world - Bol's "Plavac".

    Fishing - part of traditional way of living here  

    Brac maritime tradition dates quite late - in 18th century it became one of the main source of income.


    Historycal monuments :

    Bol, Croatia - rich cultural and historycal travel resort
    Altough it's famous for it's beaches and sports offer - you will be pleasantly surprised by visiting one of many interesting historycal locations in Bol and it's surrounding.
    Historical monuments in Bol

    Apartments - Bol:

    Apartments Jasna - Bol
    Comfortably equipped apartments and rooms at almost ideal position between Golden horn beach and Bol center
    Apartments Jasna - info
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