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    Brac - geographic characteristics

    Brac island is the biggest island in middle Dalmatia, 3rd by size on Adriatic sea. Brac is sized 394,41 km2 , about 40km long and around 12 km wide.
    Brac is positioned on Lat: 43.34º N Long : 16.65º E. Brac island shoreline is 111,8 km (scale 1:1000000) and coastal Index: 0.2738 (by United Nations Environment Programme Island web site)
    It's positioned just across Split (distance 12 km), the second biggest city in Croatia, separated by mainland by Brac channel. Next to it are islands Solta (western) - separated by Split gate, and southern of Brac is island Hvar separated by Hvar channel.
    The biggest and most known townlets on Brac are Pucisca, Supetar, Bol, Sutivan, Sumartin, Postira and Milna.


    Bol - Brac - Croatia - weather and climate conditions

    Climate of Brac, Croatia is what's widely recognized as Medireannean climate - characterized by long, hot and dry summer and short, mild and wet winters.
    On Brac you can count with an average of 134 days of clear sky and 2600 hours of sunshine.
    Statisticaly, average daily temperature is bellow zero rarely than once in three years, and snow, in average happens 1,5 days in year.
    Average air temperatures in Bol, Brac island are as follows (in °C) :

    jan feb mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec
    8,7 9,5 11,0 14,4 18,0 22,1 24,7 24,4 21,4 17,4 13,4 10,0

    Temperature differences between seasons are mildered by influence of the sea which temperature is more stable, making the swimming here popular long in september.
    Average temperatures of the sea, from may to september are (in °C):
    may jun jul aug sep
    18,0 22,1 24,7 24,4 21,4

    Rainfall varies trough the year, and coldest period of the year has the most rainfall as well (december - february).
    During the cold part of the year, there are south warm wind (SE, "jugo") and northern cold wind (NE, "bura") taking turns.
    Although winds are usualy not as strong during the summer, there is daily circulation of air in form of refreshing "maestral" from the sea (NW) from afternoon to evening, and evening "burin" (NE) pleasant breeze from hills of Brac.

    Active holidays :

    Bol, Croatia - sport destination
    Due to unique wind characteristics, Bol developed in the best known surf destination in Croatia.
    Windsurfing and other sports in Bol, Croatia

    Apartments - Bol:

    Apartments Jasna - Bol
    Comfortably equipped apartments and rooms at almost ideal position between Golden horn beach and Bol center
    Jasna apartments - Bol - info

    Diving services in Bol:

    Diving in Croatia
    Bol, Croatia - diving destination
    You want to spend your holidays diving or you need certified divers course. In association with our partner diving center - we can offer you extensive diving services in Bol.
    Diving services in Bol, Croatia
    Bol - Croatia holidays information